Corporate Officers

Associate   Position   e-Mail Address
Guy J. Chartrand   President & Chief Executive Officer   guychartrand@freightworld.on.ca
Marlene M. Chartrand   Partner   mar@freightworld.on.ca
Charlene L. Ouellette   Director of Sales   charlene@freightworld.on.ca
Frank J. Chartrand   Vice President Sales & Marketing   frank@freightworld.on.ca
Derek Wilkinson   Vice President Transportation   derek@freightworld.on.ca
Colette Zetlian   Vice President Finance   colette@freightworld.on.ca

Freightworld Head Office      416.497.8766
Secondary Direct Line      416.497.8923
Telephone Toll Free Line      800.294.8425
Customer Facsimile Line      416.497.9019
Operations Facsimile Line - Derek Wilkinson      416.497.8933
Truck Facsimile Line - Reception      416.497.1173
General Sales      sales@freightworld.on.ca


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